Does waxing hurt?

I'll give it to you straight YES. Ripping hair out of the follicle is never fun, yet everyone has a different tolerance for pain. What does not bother one person can be a different story for the next. However Wax Suite staff are highly experienced and will make waxing as painless as they can.

How long should your hair be?

Hair needs to be 1/4 inch long. If it is too short, the hair will be too short to be remove. When you aren't sure think about the tip of your pinky finger. If you typically shave please allow 7-10 days between shaving and waxing.

Can someone come in the room during the session?

We have found that the experience and results tends to be better when only the client and wax specialist are presents.

How long will my wax last? 

Everyone's hair growth is different. Usually 2 week of smooth hairless skin is standard but for those that grow slower longer is possible.

What type of wax do you use?

We use hard wax, it shrink wraps and hardens around the hair and lifts from the skin creating a more comfortable experience.

How often should I get waxed?

We recommend going 4-6 weeks between waxes. For the best results you would not be shaving or trimming in that time frame. 


Is waxing Sanitary?

At the Wax Suite, there is never any double-dipping of our waxing implements, and therefore, no risk of cross-contamination.

Can I still get waxed on my period?

Yes of course. Just know this, you will be more sensitive, and you must wear a clean tampon. Pop an ibuprofen 20 minutes before. It may help.


Body sugaring is a natural form of hair removal that dates back to ancient Egypt. Today it is widely practiced in Middle Eastern cultures. The treatment is performed using a ball of paste consisting of sugar, lemon and water. The paste is applied by hand and molded into the hair follicle. With a quick flick of the wrist, the sugar and hair is removed in the direction of growth making it less painful and irritating than waxing.


  • 100% organic, safe and effective; you can eat it!

  • Less painful than traditional waxing

  • Great for sensitive skin

  • Less irritating and fewer ingrown hairs

  • Extracts shorter hairs than wax (⅛ to ¼ inch)

  • 100% sanitary (sugar does not breed bacteria)

  • Sugaring paste is never hot so it will never burn

  • Skin stays smoother longer

  • Significant hair reduction over time

  • Gently exfoliates,improves skin texture and tone